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Founder/CEO of Alexisphotography

I am photographer from the Charlotte, NC area. Started my photography career during undergrad at Shaw University. My goal is to capture all the beautiful essences in life to create memories that will last a lifetime. The goal is to provide those unforgettable marks in someone's life that has lead me to travel far and near.  I’ve worked with artists and influencers like Dear Silas , Mya ,Doug E Fresh,Darren “Big Baby “Brand ,Tobe Nwigwe, Venegas2u,and more throughout the years. My extensive experience includes capturing moments at Award Shows,Festivals,Tours and so much more.  

My skill is display the expressions and impassioned moments in life. Once you experience create beauty through my vision with Alexis Photography you will not forget 


The Reunion Tour

The Savannah Bananas

Johnson Smith University

2023 HBCU Labor Day Classic 

Clinton College 

Connecting the Gap

Dear Silas Tour 

Cultural Music Fest


Mya Plant 9

Fresh 2 Death 

Darren Brand 


105.2 The Block

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